Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CIA Meeting October 2, 2012

Greetings, CIA Members!

Next Tuesday, October 2, 2012 will be our last meeting before the election!  It will begin at our usual time of 6:00 pm at Spurlock’s Restaurant, 721 Main Street, Lafayette. For those interested, we will be ordering from the menu. We have information to distribute. If you RSVP to lafayetteinteaparty@gmail.com, it will help us know how many copies to make.

1. Joshua Falzone, NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative, will be speaking about his activities in the Lafayette area.  He has set up a temporary office in West Lafayette that will remain open through the election.

2. There will also be information regarding the "Vote NO to Justice David" campaign.  Constitutionally, this is a very important vote as two Indiana State Supreme Court Justices are up for retention.

3. As noted in our URGENT email on Sunday, 9/23, those of you who want to help with the Mourdock campaign, but are a little shy about going door to door, a "Postcard Blitz" is in progress.

4. Signatures are still needed on petitions to stop Obamacare in Indiana.  These petitions will be presented to Indiana Speaker of the House Brian Bosma in mid to late October.  Tea Parties around the state are continuing to collect signatures through October 14.  To sign a petition one must be 18 (voting age) and a resident of Indiana; to personally sign a petition, go to http://www.fmcoin.org. To receive a petition to collect signatures yourself, email us at: lafayetteinteaparty@gmail.com.  I have personally found that many people are willing to sign when they learn about the petition.

5.  All of this information will be added to our blogspot (Lafayetteteaparty.blogspot.com) over the next several weeks so that you can pass the word along to your friends.

Political and Media elite, either by ignorance or intention, have been pushing to knock our country off its constitutional foundation.  Despite all their perceived power, We the People punched holes in their plans in 2010. Our work is not done. Those who want to harm the America we love and cherish will stop at nothing to make it happen.  These next 40 plus days will be crucial, and early voting begins October 9.   Our voices need to be heard.  If you want to help, the last car on the Tea Party Train is boarding…all
aboard that's going aboard! 

Patriotically Yours,

Donna Huffman
Citizens In Action/Lafayette Tea Party

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obamacare Petitions

After the Supreme Court failed to find Obamacare unconstitutional, citizens across the country are turning to their legislators to stop the health care takeover on a state level by nullifying it. We are networking with other tea parties through FreedomMakers, an Indiana coalition.  One of the members is setting up a meeting to meet with Speaker Bosma in October to present him with petitions requesting that Indiana void/nullify the health care act.

We can only be taken seriously if our legislators see a long list of signatures.  You can push this movement forward by downloading a blank petition, and obtaining signatures. You can also email us at LafayetteINTeaparty@gmail.com and we will send you a petition by snail mail or email. It is amazing how many people sign when approached.   We are collecting signatures for Tippecanoe County and currently have more than160 signatures

We will be collecting the petitions until October.  It doesn't matter how full the petition sheets are, every name counts.  When we learn the date of the meeting, another email will go out to arrange for picking up the signed petitions.

If you are unable to get signatures, but wish to sign a petition yourself, you can do so online on FreedomMakers website: fmcoin.org.

Our efforts can make this happen.  Good luck in your efforts!